The necessary papers to request a Mortgage Credit

  • March 29, 2020

One of the details that most scares people when requesting a Mortgage Loan is the papers required to apply for the loan. for further clarification

Although the websites of banks and financial companies have a detailed document on requirements, amounts, and interests, to start, a summary is more than enough.

First of all, it is necessary to know that there are different Mortgage Credit 2013 rates, depending on whether it is the construction of work or the purchase of a home (100% and 70%, respectively). They can also be obtained for expansion, completion or renovation of the home.

The minimum age to get a Mortgage Credit is 21 years

The minimum age to get a Mortgage Credit is 21 years

although there are cases of people over 18 who have been able to access it. Until the age of 65 is the cap. The minimum income will also depend on the bank, and only the installment of this loan is considered (that is, if you have other accounts it can create a problem paying all).

In addition, in the case of spouse, boyfriend or partner, the income can be added. The length of employment must be three or six months, for a dependency relationship, and for the self-employed, one or two years. The maximum commitment (means the amount of salary that can be used to pay the loan) is up to 40%. This must be confirmed with the account executive when requesting the credit.

The required documentation is


– Identification document.

– Proof of service in the name of the applicant.

– According to marital status, the marriage certificate, the divorce or separation sentence and the coexistence certificate issued by a justice of the peace.

– Birth certificate of the children in common, if any.

Dependency workers must have the latest pay stubs and the employment certificate on the company letterhead. The freelancers, professional registration, the start of activities, earnings regime and last tax return.

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